Doggy Advent Calendars! - Boss B Natural

Doggy Advent Calendars!

Doggy Advent Calendars! - Boss B Natural

Scrumbles Dog Advent calendar is the pawfect way to get your doggy into the festive spirit by counting down to Christmas. Full of delicious natural dog treats that have functional benefits, including dental dog treats, calming treats and 100% chicken dog treats that taste great, are kind to tummies. 


We absolutely love this natural advent calendar for dogs, AND Scrumbles because...

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Grain Free
  • Proudly British
  • Slippery Elm
  • Eco Friendly

What's In It? 

Tasty and beneficial treats!

Managing your dogs dental health and keeping them stress-free are both essential for a happy and healthy pup. The Scrumbles Dog Advent Calendar contains functional treats to help you with both of these issues:

100% Chicken Pures:
Lovingly made with 100% air-dried British Chicken to be easy on sensitive tummies.

Nibbles: Baked Turkey with Slippery Elm 
It’s easy to get over excited during the festive season. The Scrumbles turkey nibbles are baked with calming ingredients lemon balm and chamomile to tickle their taste buds and help keep your pooch relaxed in the run up to the big day. Full of healthy ingredients with no added sugars or salts, lovingly made by hand AND gently baked in eco ovens. Click the link if you’re looking to buy the Scrumbles calming dog treats for on the go.

Gnashers: Mini Dental Bones 
With active ingredients to fight plaque and tummy tonic Slippery Elm, these low calorie dog treats are just the thing to keep your dog’s gnashers gleaming and their tummies happy. If you love them, you can buy the Scrumbles Dental Dog Bones seperately by clicking the link!

Warning – keep out of reach to avoid your pup demolishing more than one window a day.

About Scrumbles: Our pets are our world and we want to give them the best pet food to help them live long and adventurous lives. So Scrumbles use natural, healthy ingredients and work with expert nutritionists to develop delicious recipes that’s good for them and the planet.


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