Healthy, Natural Everyday Meals have Landed!

Healthy, Natural Everyday Meals have Landed!

Healthy, Natural Everyday Meals have Landed!

We now stock one of the leading brands of Cold Pressed Dog Food!

We have said before, that the Boss B Natural family dogs are all different and eat differently, (although all of them are fond of our toast at breakfast). We never assume that one size fits all when choosing what to feed your dog.

...But we are very impressed with Cold Pressed Dog Food. 

So what is it? It’s a way of cooking at lower temperatures to allow  the food to maintain a lot more of its nutrients than traditional kibble, giving you a higher nutrient dense feed. So, as with raw food, youn feed less of it. About 30% less.

For those of us with dogs with sensitive stomachs (Bear my beautiful labrador I am looking at you here. We were up every 2 hours last night weren't we...), the grain free food is much more easily absorbed. All our cold pressed foods are grain free.

Oh… and when less goes in, and its all good stuff… well not be to crude about it.. Less comes out...

Even if you feed a fully raw diet, you can still alternate it with cold pressed. It’s the closet thing to raw in pellet form, meaning if you are going away for a few days, or your dog is going on a sleepover, it’s a handy substitute.

Give it a go… we stock different box sizes and flavours… all with the same high standard of ingredients!

I know one BBN family dog that will be moving over to it as his go to food. Yes Bear that's you.


BBN Mama x


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