Natural Dog Grooming Care is Here!

Natural Dog Grooming Care is Here!

Natural Dog Grooming Care is Here!

Say hello to Memma & Monty!

Monty's Mate is natural UK based brand specialising in natural, dog-safe (and loved) all over body care for dogs.
Monty is a very happy bulldog currently residing with his dog-mum Memma.
When she started looking for all the bits to take care of Monty, she quickly found that there were hardly any grooming products that seemed to cater to the various issues of our beloved fur-friends. Monty's Mate is the result of countless nights researching and learning about the seemingly harmless natural ingredients that are actually toxic to dogs; and the result of completed skincare courses to learn how to make safe, compliant products.

Montys Mate Happy Ears Cleansing Oil

Keep ears clean and itch-free with this all natural oil. As well as the yeast and bacteria-fighting properties, this powerful blend helps contains Neem oil to act as a natural pesticide and insect repellent in case of ear mites.
Shop HERE for just £10.99

Montys Mate Lavender And Frankincense Shampoo

Great for washing away the aftermath of muddy adventures.
All Monty’s Mates shampoos are made with natural floral waters that have been infused with plants, vegetables, and herbs that are kind to sensitive skin. Cleansing agents derived from plants and vegetables (coconuts and olives) and conditioning agents from oils mean that these can be used regularly and frequently without fear of stripping the skin’s oils. - Shop HERE for just £13.95!


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