Our Dogs Want to Leave Home - Boss B Natural

Our Dogs Want to Leave Home

Our Dogs Want to Leave Home - Boss B Natural

We could write this blog from our dogs point of view. But that wouldn’t go very far.  It would be a long rant about how the family started an online business, selling wonderfully smelly (to a dog), tasty (to a dog) and very good for you (if you were a dog) treats and eats. 


Then they would boast about how they slaved away on all 4 paws and spent weeks putting the company together, buying in stock, setting up the website etc...

And then our dogs would find it awfully cheeky of us humans to have the very bad manners of not allowing said dogs into the stock room, to taste test the entire collection, which they believe is their god-given right... Naturally.

One of the family dogs is a Labrador with no concept of the whole less is more thing when it comes to dinner. You can imagine how it would have ended if we decided to let them have free rein of the stock room!


We have been bowled over by the amount of orders, comments and wonderful feedback we have had from our new customers in our first month. 

We thank everyone of them especially those who have returned to buy more in such a short time... We look forward to bringing you new products and ideas as the months progress. 

For now, I am off to pack orders, photograph new stock... and if the Labrador is really lucky he will get one of our Natural Treats to entertain him this afternoon whilst he reclines on the sofa with one eye on the gate… watching for more deliveries.


With love, Boss B Natural mama x


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