The Joys of Shopping Online - Boss B Natural

The Joys of Shopping Online

The Joys of Shopping Online - Boss B Natural

The joys of online...

Everyone, and I am sure I do mean everyone, who has access to the internet had become far more familiar with shopping online in this past year, whether you were a previous fan of it or not.

We are buying things online now that we never considered doing before… and the family here at Boss B Natural Towers and Warehouse are just the same… We have had some howlers in what we have bought… there is one member of the family will never live down the supermarket shop that consisted of 1 single banana... and another who bought enough sugar to cause a world shortage... (note to selves, READ THE QUANTITIES).

The pet business is no exception to this movement to online. We order our dog food locally, as a family some of us feed raw and some don’t, but we order it from local suppliers online, and they deliver it to our front door.

Treats used to be an afterthought. A rawhide bone thrown into the supermarket trolley on the way past… (STEP AWAY FROM THE RAWHIDE. Its SO BAD FOR OUR DOGS).

Our Boss B Natural healthy natural dog treats have become a rip roaring success in such a short time. Helped by the move to order online! You can browse at your leisure, read up on the ingredients of each treat and why its good for your dog, and you can order at a time to suit you. (A lot of you order at 10pm at night… Whats that all about?) And then the whole wholesome package of goodness is delivered to your door. If you live local to us its possible that your delivery will end up on your doorstep before you have had time to make a coffee!

We continue to look at new products, we want to expand our ranges, all with the same ethos; natural, healthy interesting treats that are nothing but good for your dog. 

And so we introduce our latest offering... SUBSCRIPTION BOXES. It works the same as your wine subscription, or your beauty box subscription…

1) You choose from the 3 options offered

2) You tell us if you need it adjusting to suit your dogs diet

3) You arrange your monthly payments through our payment platform

...And we do the rest!

Once a month your box will arrive on your doorstep. Just in time to be raided by your forever grateful pup!

Of course there are some things that cant be done online. We are all relieved that dog groomers are still open in some places. We can all remember seeing some dubious home doggy home hair cuts on the street last summer!

To learn more about and subscribe to our monthly subscription box, just click this link!

With love, 

Boss B Momma x


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