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Walking is good for the Soul, Walking with a Dog is Better

By :Georgia Barningham 0 comments
Walking is good for the Soul, Walking with a Dog is Better

Unless you are a enthusiastic runner, which I am not, or someone who happily gets up and out to exercise in any weather, which again I am not... ever...

The Dogs are my reason for getting up and out into the Yorkshire Countryside every day, or the Welsh Coast when we are able to. I grumble when it's wet and windy, pulling on various layers of clothing and boots whilst excited dogs bounce around my feet. You can be sure I wouldn’t do it on those wet days if the hounds were not happily demanding to go.

But once out on those moors or along the river walks you cant help but smile and feel good. It’s the fresh air, it’s the space. It's watching happy dogs running and rummaging, living their best life. Years ago we had a chocolate lab called Folly, She was a rescue dog, given up because she had disgraced herself, something to do with an unfortunate incident with a brigadiers chickens! But that’s another story... anyway...  She treated every walk like it was the best walk in the world, like there had never had been one like it… Until the next one it was infectious you always ended up feeling the same.   

That’s how walking the dogs makes you feel; energised, with time to think and enjoy, time to empty your head, or to reset, a reason to say hello to others you meet on your walk, you come home feeling so much better. If you need a reason to go for a walk... take a dog!

The downside used to be when I came back with wet muddy dogs, (who once they had devoured the dried sprats that I gave them at the end of every walk) used to head to my bed to dry themselves. No amount of rugby tackling them with old towels to dry them down would save my clean sheets. It was wonderful to find Ruff and Tumble Drying Coats! As soon as we get home I put on their drying coats, and no more wet dog shaking and drying themselves around the house! A life saver, really.


Of course we stock these great coats, take a look at our Ruff and Tumble Dog Dry Coat Collection here. 

 With love, Boss B Natural mama x

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