Why Boss B Natural?

Natural is the key word. We pride ourselves in offering treats that are sustainable, and rich in vitamins and minerals.

All of our treats contain pure meat or fish. If you’re looking at our vegan range, you can be rest assured that these treats are 100% plant based.

What’s so important about “natural”? Well, what we leave out of our dog food is just as important as what we put in! A healthy, nutritious treat will keep the pup happy on the inside, and looking gorgeous on the outside!

Even the fussiest of our canine friends can’t resist our tasty treats. Whether you’re rewarding their new party trick, teaching to sit, heel or stay, Boss B Natural has wholesome, quality treats available in all shapes and sizes. Stash in your pocket for walkies, or gift your furry friend with a longer lasting chewable treats for a lazy Sunday afternoon (which is also a great aid for their dental hygiene!).