Why We Buy What We Buy

How did we select what to include (and leave out) of the Boss B Natural range...?

We have made an effort to make sure the products we stock are as natural, full of goodness and enriching as they can be. 

We have carried that ethos on through to the toys we stock and the packaging we use.

Our packaging is recycled, and can be recycled again and again. Our toys are made from natural products. 

Where possible we make sure our fish products come from a sustainable source, and our beef and game are responsibly sourced. All treats are grain and preservative free!

We are a young company (well apart from one of the founders… LB is 16... a bit of an age for a Jack Russel!l) We are constantly looking for new products and to support other new and young companies that work with the same ethos as us. 

So if you want to tell us about a product we should know about… Just drop us a line at info@bossbnatural.co.uk.